Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still my obsession.


As you all know I love raw juicing. I have talked to all my guest at the salon to at least try this new trend. I have felt AMAZING since I started juicing, Experimenting with alot of different combinations. Last week was a full and crazy week for me. I had one of my aunts pass away, RIP Tia Amelia. As this horrible event happened to my family of course we all had to re-arrange our schedules for work. I was away from my juicer for about a week. I stayed close to my family for the funeral, meaning alot of Mexican food and tons and TONS of carbs which I try not to eat so much of. Not because I don't like it its because it doesn't do well in my system.
One thing that I did notice is that I really didn't think twice about the "bad" food. My brain was a little sluggish and my system just didn't fell right. I was really tired and a bit moody. I truly believe pumping your entire system with all the vitamins does ABSOLUTE wonders for your health. 
You gotta try it! 

This is my raw juice combination for last night.

1 Cucumber, 2 Oranges, 4 Strawberries, 2 Celery sticks, 4 Carrots, 1 Tomato, 1/2 of beet, 2 Hand fulls of spinach, 1 tiny slice of Ginger, 1 Small Lemon and 1 Pear.


The Micheal Jackson Shoe! :)

I'm not a big Flat/Ballet shoe kinda girl. But working in the salon for hours on end sometimes I kinda wish I was. As I was on my mission for some cute and affordable flats I found a couple more things. Hope you enjoy my random HAUL.    Thanks for watching.

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Shoes from Old Navy, Makeup and Thoothpaste from Walmart. Gloss is a birchbox item, Shirts from forever21.

Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Its 2012 and its so far its such a beautiful one. I celebrated my new year with my lover, we had the best time and of course an awesome new years kiss for luck. While getting ready in our hotel I decided to film my eye makeup step by step and of course show you my last outfit of 2011.!  

Always remember, make it easy and fun!~