Saturday, June 9, 2012

Santa Barbara Bound!

Come travel with me!

For memorial weekend I travel to Santa Barbara beautiful beach area. I had a blast, the weather was perfect 70-80's, and you can't forget the smell and the scenery of the beach. I tried to take as many pictures of where I went. I had a couple things in mind that I wanted to do such as fishing of the pier, I just think its so much fun to relax by the sea, people watch and maybe catch a fish. 2nd I wanted to do some sight seeing and be a tourist. I saw a tour called LandShark, its a bus that takes you to all old and new Santa Barbara, tells you the history and then goes towards the sea. When you least expect it this bus contraption turns into a boat! yea!!!  Drives right into the water, takes you to see a couple dolphins, sea lions and any wild life. This was such a relaxing but fun trip. ENJOY!

Fishing on Santa Barbara Pier.
 1). Squid, our bait of choice. 2). Me soaking up some sun, and waiting for a bit or something........
1). Someone caught a SHARK!   2). My fishing rod. (not a lucky one) 
 At the end of the day we were out for about 4-5 hrs and caught nothing. So sad, but I did have so much fun, lots of laugh, a lot of snacks and a good tan.