Friday, March 30, 2012

They question of a fashion statement.

Where should your pant hem hit your shoe???

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According to Lucky Magazine and some of my own research. 
  • The Straight Leg:
These could be a little tricky and sometimes may look so wrong. Straight leg pants are great for flats, pumps, and even wedges. If they are not to wide you can cuff them like picture of Kim K below. 

  •  The Skinny:

This is the easiest. They go pretty much with any and every shoe i.e flats, boots, wedges, stilettos or gigantic platforms. The skinny pant leg feature the shoe, think of it as 2 arrows pointing down at your feet. You can wear them with no hem and this while make your legs look miles long. You can also cuff them and show a little skin this make it look a little laid back or add some heels and look classy but trendy. 
  • The Wide Leg:
These can be fun, trendy with a vintage feel. Wide leg pant must skim the floor, if the hem is trampled on and lived in, its so much cooler. Platform or a cute thick wedge looks great. Having them totally cover your shoes is SO in like Rachel Zoe wears. You can also cuff them if you want to wear flats, but remember if you are on the shorter side this might cut your fame off.

                                                       These are hem just a bit to shoes the shoe.

  • The Baggy/Boyfriend type:
Must be rolled up of cuffed above the ankle 90% of the time says Lucky mag, and I totally agree. You want them to look lived in not slept in. Could be worn with a tough feminine shoe, you have to show some ankle or else it looks sloppy and to baggy kinda like a clown. Flats if you are going totally casual or and ankle bootie. Lucky mag said "no pumps" I disagree as we see in the pictures below you can carefully pull a cute wedge or maybe a gladiator sandal. Just be mindful of not looking to manly, add a feminine touch and accessories ALWAYS.


Always have fun with your still and if your scared do a little research. GET INSPIRED!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Museum TrailHead Palm Springs Ca.

Join us on our Sunday hiking adventure. 
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Good sunday to all you guys, today was a beautiful day in the desert. We try to always get out of the house and escape the work life on the weekends. This morning we decided to check out a trail we have never been to in Palm Springs. I got our little bag together with water, protein bars and of course camera in hand. I was planning on filming a lot more of the actual hike so you can feel our experience but the 1st half of it was straight up thru huge boulders and a lot of uneven rocks, the 2nd half was on a steep decline and of course my luck will be to trip and break my new camera. On the next trail I will try to show you a bit more. If you are ever in this area please check out TrailHead hiking trail, its a great workout, a peaceful escape and wonderful views.
       After our amazing relaxing workout we hit Donkey Balls (juice bar) I know its a funny weird name, not sure where they got the name. But if you follow me you all know I love raw juice, well this place in the heart of palm springs makes fresh raw juice. Just choose your veggie or fruit of choice and they make you a to go cup. AWESOME!

What I wore:
Fila workout gear from Kohls
Capri Bottoms are these, so comfortable and they stay in place.
Sport bra in gray, they have tons of colors and both of these are very inexpensive.
Shoes from Vibram, barefoot five finger shoes. I absolutely love these. They feel so good and my feet are stronger than ever, I can do all with these i.e hiking, running, yoga and even going to lakes and rivers. check the out.
Our view on our way back home.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things Im loving today.

It feels so good to step out, smell the fresh flowers growing and of course you can't forget the Palm Springs weather of 75 degrees. This season I'm really loving the color orange and I'm also in love with all colors pants.

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This is Essie polish "Orange, its obvious" with a gold trim. Easy at home polish change. 

The last time I remember having enough hair to braid was 8-10 yrs ago. I like feeling a little boho with this fish braid and laid back look.
Pants & hello kitty Shirt - Forever 21
 Steve Madden T-sandals

Here is some photos from my photo class, I love learning cool techniques. 1st photo is a close up of one of our cactus in the front yard that look beautiful in the summer. 2nd photo, leaving the shutter open really long gives you time to write with light. If you can't read it well it says Ryan. 

What are you loving this season ?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Magazine of the week review

Women's Health

I randomly subscribe to tons of magazines, specially in the summer, whats better than laying out and reading some gossip, yummy receipts, important info or even how to get you tummy flatter. So in case you are not subscribed I figured I can share a couple things I loved in the mag, then you can still lay out and just tune in to my blog.. :)

Hope you enjoyed, and I while keep a look out for more fun stuff.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Color Blocking Trend!

Orange Popsicle.....
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I'm a huge fan of this new trend of color blocking. I'm usto wearing black and dark colors. But now its time to step out and brighten up my outfits. This trend is awesome for spring/summer. I'm new at this but I'm going with it full force. Here is a quick color class and OOTD that I wore recently and I'm LOVING it!!!!   

Basic 101 on color blocking:    (things I researched to help all of us)

*Analogous colours, which are any three colours lined up next to each other on the colour wheel. Example: blue, blue-violet and violet.
*Complementary colours. These are colours placed directly opposite each other on the wheel. Like red and green or yellow and violet.
*90 degree angles. Combine colours that are at a right angle with each other. Example: Orange-yellow and green or red and violet.
*T colours. These are colours that form a 'T' shape. Like yellow, purple and orange-red.
*Jewel Colours are equally rich and flatter each other, such as emerald green and ruby red.
*Keep colours in the same saturation. Pastels with pastels, neons with neons.
*Pink trick. You can substitute 'pink' for 'red' and use all the same combinations.

MOST IMPORTANT- Wear something black,white,tan or white to make all the colors come together.



What I wore: 
Turquoise pants (in the color shell - blue/green)   = Forever 21 
Orange/white strip shirt  = Love Culture 
Earrings from payless shoe store.
Black belt
Black clutch 

(Black belt, shoes,clutch and silver earrings are the accessories and make it flow)
Don't wear to much jewelry, you already making a statement with the color blocking. 

Have fun with it don't be scared just DO IT!!!  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adventure to San Diego, Grand Del Mar!

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  Join us on our trip to a romantic getaway.

We had the best time at a hotel in the middle of the San Diego hills by the name The Grand Del Mar. 
We arrived on friday around 4pm. The ride there was a bit boring but we did see a lot of cows, sheeps and horses. We took the back way thru 79, it goes thru several small towns with large fields and lots of wild life. Pulling up to this huge hotel it kinda takes your breath away, the huge waterfall is just the beginning of this wonder stay. We meet some friends, had some yummy drinks at the lobby bar and lounging by the pool. Exploring the enormous hotel is the best part of out gateways, getting dolled up and having nice dinners doesn't fall behind. The last night we had a huge in room dinning and a lot of relaxing.
*Don't forget to scroll down, look at the video/pictures of outfits, pools, and a little bit of everything.

Photos to and from hotel:
The sheep in the field



Our back patio

Random horse carriage
Amazing bath tub

Cool bar we found with friends

Coffee shop we got gelato in, YUM!
Other views: