About Me


You will be seeing a lot of my little furry kids. They are the best thing that came into our lives. We don't have kids yet, so we spoil our dogs rotten. When I'm home they are right under my feet in the kitchen and right next to me when lounging on the couch watching reality shows. Also you can hear them bark and see them walk around in my Vlogs (youtube videos). Most of the time I have to re shot cause they are baking to loud. 

Pdoodle on the left: He is a 15lbs Pomeranian and Poodle pix, that's where he got his name. He is such a lover. He loves sleeping on our living room side table. He got a haircut for this shot. 

 Seppi top right and bottom: She is a 50lb female Shepard/Chow rescue, she got rescued from a public dumpster with her sister and brothers. I know very sad but people are very cruel in this world unfortunately. When we took her in she was very scared of all loud noises an any sudden movements. We went to training classes with her, which helped a little. It was a little hard to train her because she would not leave my side and would show her teeth to her teacher. Now about 1 year later she is a little more playful and not as skittish. She loves her brother and hates she that she can't fit under the bed as easy to play hide in seek.

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