Thursday, November 10, 2011

Camouflage your roots/regrowth.

Don't have time to get to your stylist?!    Maybe on a money pinch?!

Being a hairstylist for 10 years, I always get the question from my salon guest. "I can't get to you til next week. How can I make my regrowth less noticeable?" Here is a couple tricks that may help you.

When your hair is needing that color on your regrowth, it seems a bit flat and blah looking. A simple way is to dig threw your stash and find a good root lift or a volume mouse. Give your hair a bit more volume than usual and maybe tease the roots. This will push the regrowth closer to the scalp. You might need to tie it back into a cute pony with the volume up from.

  • Play it the other way!!
Natural part is usually the most noticeable. Remember the volume rule and try the part on the other side, I know it feels weird but you never know you might like it. Also you can try sectioning a bit diagonal so the hair falls in a uneven manner.
  • Braid it!
The more texture you hair has the less noticeable your regrowth is. Braids are really in right now, try a braid around your face. This will give your hair tons of dimension a playful shadows. Secure with a couple bobby pins.
  • Dust it!
There are many colored dry shampoos and powders. This also works for the day if you need a quick fix. The only thing to be aware of is if they are waxy you may need a cleansing shampoo or double shampoo to remove them.
  • Born this way!

If you have naturally curly hair. Oh girl! you hit it big for this one. Use a good curl definer I love Moroccan oil curl cream. Use a good volume spray, diffuser and diffuse gently with you head down (more volume) when almost dry gently lift your head. Spray with hairspray and diffuse the rest.

**Please don't try a BOX color. I know they are cheap at the moment but watch out, some of these are very hard for us stylist/colorist to remove or fix. Be patient and wait. A cheap color fix might end up costing you a couple hundred $ for a color correction.

Good Luck!  Fake it till you make it. Hair is fun, try it out.........

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