Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Budget. budget budget!!


Like most people I always make a good new years resolutions and I forget about it later, and of course feel defeated. So I have decided to make small goals. Last year I started my blog and started photography classes. Now this year I continued my photography classes, and in order to have successful and creative photos I purchased a new Mac laptop and a Nikon camera. (a bit expensive) Which will help me in my blog, photography classes and my ultimate goal a great portfolio for my hairdressing career.
So now its time to set the goals!!! and save some money. I will show you how to do DIY's and save some cash$$ while always having fun.

*Time for.......
Thrift store finds
Mani/Pedi 101
New recipes

ONLY things I don't recommend doing at home is hair color, haircuts and anything that has any chemicals in it.  :)

Stay tune for photos and tips................................

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