Monday, February 6, 2012

Need a Spring drink?! Here ya go.


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I love D.I.Y (do it yourself)..!

I am always on youtube of many different blogs. Trying to find the new thing or the next big thing to bring to YOU!.   Here is a wine spritzer I found on "The Skinny Confidential".  This is a great way to entertain and make that wine go around a couple more times.

Things you need:

A Pretty Glass Cup :)
Pinot Grigio
Synergy Organic & Raw
Ice Cubes

 Make sure you shake very well,  let the Synergy tea sit for a while. Open very carefully.

Add the 3 ice cubes and about 1/4 of the cup of Pinot Grigio

Add the spritzer til about 3/4 full. 

Last but not least add a squeeze of lemon. 

Mix and ENJOY a low cal fun drink for spring. 

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