Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Color Blocking Trend!

Orange Popsicle.....
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I'm a huge fan of this new trend of color blocking. I'm usto wearing black and dark colors. But now its time to step out and brighten up my outfits. This trend is awesome for spring/summer. I'm new at this but I'm going with it full force. Here is a quick color class and OOTD that I wore recently and I'm LOVING it!!!!   

Basic 101 on color blocking:    (things I researched to help all of us)

*Analogous colours, which are any three colours lined up next to each other on the colour wheel. Example: blue, blue-violet and violet.
*Complementary colours. These are colours placed directly opposite each other on the wheel. Like red and green or yellow and violet.
*90 degree angles. Combine colours that are at a right angle with each other. Example: Orange-yellow and green or red and violet.
*T colours. These are colours that form a 'T' shape. Like yellow, purple and orange-red.
*Jewel Colours are equally rich and flatter each other, such as emerald green and ruby red.
*Keep colours in the same saturation. Pastels with pastels, neons with neons.
*Pink trick. You can substitute 'pink' for 'red' and use all the same combinations.

MOST IMPORTANT- Wear something black,white,tan or white to make all the colors come together.



What I wore: 
Turquoise pants (in the color shell - blue/green)   = Forever 21 
Orange/white strip shirt  = Love Culture 
Earrings from payless shoe store.
Black belt
Black clutch 

(Black belt, shoes,clutch and silver earrings are the accessories and make it flow)
Don't wear to much jewelry, you already making a statement with the color blocking. 

Have fun with it don't be scared just DO IT!!!  

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