Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adventure to San Diego, Grand Del Mar!

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  Join us on our trip to a romantic getaway.

We had the best time at a hotel in the middle of the San Diego hills by the name The Grand Del Mar. 
We arrived on friday around 4pm. The ride there was a bit boring but we did see a lot of cows, sheeps and horses. We took the back way thru 79, it goes thru several small towns with large fields and lots of wild life. Pulling up to this huge hotel it kinda takes your breath away, the huge waterfall is just the beginning of this wonder stay. We meet some friends, had some yummy drinks at the lobby bar and lounging by the pool. Exploring the enormous hotel is the best part of out gateways, getting dolled up and having nice dinners doesn't fall behind. The last night we had a huge in room dinning and a lot of relaxing.
*Don't forget to scroll down, look at the video/pictures of outfits, pools, and a little bit of everything.

Photos to and from hotel:
The sheep in the field



Our back patio

Random horse carriage
Amazing bath tub

Cool bar we found with friends

Coffee shop we got gelato in, YUM!
Other views:

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