Sunday, March 25, 2012

Museum TrailHead Palm Springs Ca.

Join us on our Sunday hiking adventure. 
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Good sunday to all you guys, today was a beautiful day in the desert. We try to always get out of the house and escape the work life on the weekends. This morning we decided to check out a trail we have never been to in Palm Springs. I got our little bag together with water, protein bars and of course camera in hand. I was planning on filming a lot more of the actual hike so you can feel our experience but the 1st half of it was straight up thru huge boulders and a lot of uneven rocks, the 2nd half was on a steep decline and of course my luck will be to trip and break my new camera. On the next trail I will try to show you a bit more. If you are ever in this area please check out TrailHead hiking trail, its a great workout, a peaceful escape and wonderful views.
       After our amazing relaxing workout we hit Donkey Balls (juice bar) I know its a funny weird name, not sure where they got the name. But if you follow me you all know I love raw juice, well this place in the heart of palm springs makes fresh raw juice. Just choose your veggie or fruit of choice and they make you a to go cup. AWESOME!

What I wore:
Fila workout gear from Kohls
Capri Bottoms are these, so comfortable and they stay in place.
Sport bra in gray, they have tons of colors and both of these are very inexpensive.
Shoes from Vibram, barefoot five finger shoes. I absolutely love these. They feel so good and my feet are stronger than ever, I can do all with these i.e hiking, running, yoga and even going to lakes and rivers. check the out.
Our view on our way back home.

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