Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Juice Detox: Day 1

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Cont... from yesterdays Juice Detox Prep.
Ladies and gents its not as bad as I thought. But I still have to remember its day 1 of 3. Day one went very smooth, I had everything ready to go from last night. The juicer I use is JuiceMan from Target, it did very well with the 64oz you need for the day. The pulp left over I use for my tress and plant food instead of wasting it. The taste of the juice on day 1 is very good, so I had no trouble drinking it. The only thing I had trouble with was keeping track of 8oz every hour on the hour. I didn't feel like I was starving at all. As long as I had water in between the 8oz on the hour. 

Below are the instructions I got from The Skinny Confidential blog where I originally saw it.

Here are the cleanse details! Thanks for your support with The Skinny Confidential!

Here's all the cleanse deets:

++ Frequently Asked Questions:
+ I am making my juice at home; can I use a blender?
Any large juicer and/or blender works : ). Make sure it's large though- there's a lot to hold [ people swear by the Vitamix ]. Keep the pulp!
+ How much & how often do I drink the juice?
The cleanse is 64 ounces a day. You drink 8 ounces, every hour, for 8 hours, with a cup of water in between each hour. You can make the 64 ounces the night before or the morning of- all at once!
+ Let's talk working out:
I would have a glass of orange juice [ << real orange juice, like the 100%, no added shit orange juice ] in the morning, if you're planning to workout while doing it. The only workout that I would stay away from is hot yoga. The temperature of hot yoga can be dangerous while cleansing [ w/ no carbs ]. I workout all three days on the cleanse for an hour [ think: Pilates, spinning, hiking, barre classes, etc. ].
+ Explain the recipe!

This is a 3 day juice cleanse. It's 3 to 4 veggies of each- depending on size [ for lemons: it's 3 juiced lemons ]. Your veggies may be smaller than in CA., so if it doesn't make 64 ounces, add more veggies. The skins can be peeled on certain veggies, especially the carrots & the ginger root. For things like parsley & lettuce, use about 3 heaping handfuls. I like to start drinking the juice at 9 am.
+ I am too busy to make the juices at home; any other options?
Yes. If you have a Whole Foods [ juice bar ] or any juicing place around you, I would recommend choosing that route over making it at home [ it's annoying to deal with all the ingredients ]. I have many friend who too the instructions to a Whole Foods or juice place & it worked out well. If the place doesn't have the particular veggies you're looking for, buy it yourself & bring it counter.
+ So about the protein during cleanse...
Check the site for protein meal ideas . In total, you are allowed 6 ounces of protein a day with a heaping, large handful of veggies. Here's the fab thing about this cleanse: you can have your protein whenever you want. For instance, one poached egg in the morning, a few almonds at lunch, & then four ounces of meat with veggies at night. Not so bad, eh?
+ What liquids can I drink?
No coffee, no alcohol, no sugary drinks. You should be consuming at least 3 quarts of water a day on the cleanse. Green tea is fab. One of my secret tricks  is a trenta [ the biggest size available ] of iced green tea with 2 splashes of passion fruit tea, no sweetener & light on the water. I drink one or two of these a day on the cleanse
+ It tastes bad to me, what should I do?
If you cannot stand the taste of a particular day [ each day is a different flavor of juice ], squeeze a ton of lemon in it to neutralize the taste. Sometimes I'll add extra ginger root too.
+ I am starving on the cleanse:
If you're dying - which you shouldn't be if you're doing it properly - have a few almonds or a glass of OJ with half sparkling water. Make sure you're drink the juice cleanse juice every hour. 

This cleanse isn't for everyone- if you have any medical conditions before, during, or after thecleanse please consult a doctor immediately.

As you read above you are allowed lean meat. I choose chicken salad, sprouts, cucumber, tomato, tiny bit of beans.
The chicken recipe is super easy, marinate chicken in a bag with the juice of 1 lemon, 1 orange, 2 pieces of garlic and tablespoon of olive oil and salt & pepper. I like to marinate it over night. My favorite thing to grill it on is my George Foreman Grill its done in 10 min.

Now water all night............
Check back tomorrow for day 2 Juice Detox. 

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